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Politics is a virtue, such as Beichen, where it resides and the stars share it. -"The Analects of Confucius"

Core values: people-oriented, honesty, win-win cooperation, and create brilliant

1. People-oriented concept: create value for customers, create benefits for shareholders, and create future for employees
2. View of Employers: Talents and Virtue are not used, Talents are reused.
3. Concept of Wealth: The creativity of employees is the company's greatest wealth
4. Public and private views: Public and private are clear and commendable; Damage to public and private is odious
5, reward and punishment concept: clear rewards and punishments, rewards are better than punishment
6. Integrity: Be clean, be clean
7. Concept of work: today is better than yesterday
8. Concept of learning: live to be old, learn to be old, use old
9. Service concept: I am happy when customers are satisfied
10. Quality concept: Quality is better than life
11. Brand concept: Managing a brand is like managing life
12. Integrity: Trustworthiness is the motto of success, and distrust is the epitaph of the loser
13. Concept of innovation: do not innovate or die
14. Product view: character determines product technology, creates high-quality customers, enjoys high-quality technology, and creates Beichen
15. Concept of competition: defeat yourself and challenge others
16. Development concept: employees grow together with the company, and the company grows with the market
17. Training concept: training is the best welfare for employees