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High-speed coating machine

高速涂布机 Product name: High-speed coating machine

First, the coating passes through the feeding main pipe, and the multiple holes diverge into the turbulent cavity. With the continuous influx of the coating, the coating passes through the turbulent cavity and enters the convergence cavity (the convergence cavity can make the coating more evenly distributed on the banner). Then through the loading roller, a part of the coating is transferred to the paper sheet to achieve coating. The excess paint is returned to the paint tank through the upper end of the diversion. In this way, the fluidity of the coating is effectively controlled, and the effect of centrifugal force on the feeding is reduced, thereby ensuring the quality of the paper coating.

Second, the programmable PLC controls all actions of the applicator to be completed according to the prescribed time difference, making the use of the applicator easier.

3. The frame is a box-type structure, which is made of stainless steel, which makes the applicator more beautiful, stable and easy to clean.

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